Normally, the drive track of the stair lift is fastened to supports that are bolted to the steps of your staircase. However, we can also offer various different fastening options where the steps of your valuable staircase do not need to be drilled or glued. Your steps remain untouched.

Alternative fastening systems for the stair lift drive track are particularly important with very valuable or visually appealing stairs made from marble or wood. HIRO LIFT offers special solutions to retain the value of your stairs.

An elegant installation solution that leaves no bore holes or glue marks after its removal can also be well worth the investment if you plan to sell your house one day or to hand it down. Clamping rails on the steps or a wall fastening system guarantee that your staircase is retained.

In apartment buildings too, you would also want to cause as little inconvenience for the other residents as possible. With our individual solutions we ensure that the common staircase is not damaged and that it remains fully usable for others despite the drive track.

Die Stützen werden mit Klemmen auf den freistehenden Treppenstufen befestigt. Die Stufen bleiben dabei unbeschädigt.

Clamp-fastening system:
Here the supports are fastened with the help of clamps that are slid onto the steps and then screwed into place.

Die Stützen werden in der Wand verankert und ohne weitere Befestigung auf der Treppe aufgestellt.

Wall fastening with supports attached:
Here, the supports are bolted to the wall with a bracket. Because the supports are only resting on the steps to transfer the weight, the steps remain undamaged.

Die Stützen im Treppenauge tragen Fahrbahn und Treppenlift. Zusätzliche Stützen auf der Treppe sind nicht notwendig.

Supports in the stairwell void:
This system enables the stair lift to drive in very tight curves around the handrail. This type of fastening without drilling the steps is often preferred in apartment buildings.

Die Stützen der Fahrbahnbefestigung werden auf den Stufen aufgestellt und seitlich an der Treppenwange verschraubt.

Stringer fastening:
The supports are fastened to the inside of the steps, on the stringer. If the stair lift is subsequently removed, it is much easier to repair holes in the stringer than in the steps.

Die Fahrbahnstützen werden an der vorhandenen Treppenharfe montiert und ohne weitere Befestigung auf der Treppe aufgestellt.

Lattice style fastening: The supports only rest on the steps and are fastened to the latticework by means of clamping devices. Here too, your steps remain untouched.

Die Fahrbahn des Treppenlifts wird direkt in der Wand verankert, ohne dass Stützen auf der Treppe notwendig sind.

Wall fastening without supports: In some cases, this type of wall fastening (with various different designs) is possible.