You can find various videos for the HIRO stair lifts. 

Stair lifts by HIRO LIFT

This is how it works: The purchase and installation of a HIRO LIFT stair lift.

Alternative fastening systems

What exactly will happen to my beautiful staircase? In this video we show you the various different options for fastening the travel track - leaving no trace on the steps if the stair lift is no longer required and removed one day.

Installation of a HIRO stair lift

This short film shows our installation technicians going about their daily work (some in time-lapse). You can see how precisely, quickly and cleanly a HIRO 160 stair lift for curved stairs can be installed to link several storeys in a private house. 

Simple operation of the HIRO 160 

The operation of the HIRO 160 stair lift for curved stairs is so simple that it is generally learned in just a few trips. You can see how simple the operation is in this video.

HIRO 160 stair lift in Hamburg

Installation example for a HIRO 160 stair lift for curved stairs in Räder-Vogel-GmbH & Co. KG in Hamburg.

HIRO 160 spanning two storeys

This installation example shows a stair lift that was installed on a wooden staircase, driving from the basement through the ground floor on up to the first floor.

HIRO 160 stair lift in Barcelona

HIRO 160 stair lift in the Gorria restaurant in Barcelona