The HIRO stair lift is very simple to operate in every respect. Thanks to its modern technology, it is a user-friendly high-tech product. Day-to-day operation requires only a few steps. You can drive up and down the stairs just by pushing a single control lever. Just one trip on the lift is all that most people require to understand everything they need to.

Der Treppenlift wird an der Fahrbahn montiert.

A standard mains power outlet is sufficient for the power supply. The lift is folded up in its space-saving park position. In order to sit on the seat, first fold the footplate down. Depending on the model, this is done either by a lever directly on the lift or via a button on the remote controller. Then fold the seat out and fold the armrests down. Now you can sit down.

Klappen Sie Sitz und Armlehnen herunter, um den Lift fahrbereit zu machen.

In order to drive with the stair lift, you need only give the Up or Down command: Move the control lever on the armrest in the direction that you would like to go. The lift starts to move immediately. It will drive as long as you hold the control lever.

Die Bedienung eines Treppenlifts ist sehr einfach über einen Bedienhebel möglich.

Once the stair lift has arrived at the desired stopping station, the electrical swivel seat moves automatically to the optimum position for you to get off. No further operating steps are required. You arrive safe and sound at your destination and can now leave the stair lift safely.

Der Drehsitz des Treppenliftes bringt Sie in eine bequeme Ein- und Ausstiegsposition.

Calling the lift or sending it away is just as simple as driving with the lift, thanks to the clearly designed radio remote control. You need only to press the "Up" or "Down" button and the lift drives in the desired direction.

Der Treppenlift kann auch per Fernbedienung gerufen werden.

If your stair lift is not currently in use, you should fold up the armrests, the footplate and the front half of the seat. This leaves the stairway free for others to use.

So you see: It is all very simple.

Mit eingeklappten Sitz und Armlehnen nimmt der Treppenlift in der Haltestelle wenig Platz ein.

You can see how simple the operation of a HIRO stair lift is in this video.

Simple operation of the HIRO 160 

The operation of the HIRO 160 stair lift for curved stairs is so simple that it is generally learned in just a few trips. You can see how simple the operation is in this video.