When your own staircase becomes an insurmountable hurdle, a simple solution must be found. A HIRO stair lift can help - quickly and without the need for any structural alterations. We offer individual lifts for almost any home situation and shape of stairs. Our experienced experts will also find a cost-effective solution even for narrow and curved stairways.

All of the floors in your house can be accessible again with the installation of a stair lift. Independent of outside help, you will be able to master your stairs again and so maintain your quality of life. With our stair lifts there is no need for your house to be remodelled or for you to move house.

There are good reasons for opting for a HIRO stair lift!

User-friendly & simple operation

The daily operation of a HIRO stair lift requires only a few steps and so just one trip on the stair lift is all that most people require to understand everything they need to.
This is how easy it is to operate your HIRO stair lift 

Drive comfort due to patented stair lift drive 

Clean – quiet – smooth running. These are the features that distinguish our patented traction drive in the HIRO 160 for curved staircases. Your advantages: The stair lift is incomparably convenient – for both operation and care.
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Safety is our priority

Around 120 years of experience in lift construction has made a lasting impression on our safety awareness. Before our systems reach serial maturity, they must successfully complete thousands of test drives with high loads and long-term stress. The result is a fully matured, robust and safe product.

GS-approved safety

Our HIRO 150 and HIRO 160 stair lift models bear the recognised GS test seal. The GS mark means that the product has been checked by an independent, German state-approved test centre (TÜV SÜD in this case) and that it has fulfilled the requirements of the product safety law and complies with the European safety standards.
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Fully automatic swivelling stair lift seat

An automatic swivel seat is fitted as standard. This enables you to get on and off conveniently and safely. Manual swivelling of the seat, which many people cannot manage without help, has been completely omitted in our models. In addition, all stair lifts can be delivered with a footplate that folds up and down automatically. This means no more additional physical exertion and awkward bending down.

In-house manufacturing

HIRO LIFT designs and produces the stair lifts in-house. As the leading German company for special lifts we are always in a position to meet the special requirements and wishes of our customers and deliver systems that represent the "Made in Germany" quality.

Over one hundred years of experience

HIRO LIFT is a traditional German company. We have been developing successful solutions in lift construction for around 120 years. With HIRO LIFT you have a partner on your side who knows exactly what is needed in conveyance equipment.

Everything under one roof, in Germany

Design, manufacturing, installation and customer service – we combine our collective expertise from the construction of lifts and stair lifts under one roof in Germany. This enables us to utilise synergy effects and to ensure that you always have a competent partner to talk to. In the case of international orders, installation and customer service is provided by our approx. 40 sales partners. To ensure that our high quality reaches you, all of our partner companies are obligated to have their employees regularly trained. Modern and precision-fit manufacturing Almost every staircase is unique. For this reason, stair lifts are individually custom-made – adapted to suit your living situation. In order to be able to manufacture these unique products, we rely on the most up-to-date production and manufacturing technology. Here are a few examples:

  • In order to ensure that your stair lift can be installed as a perfect fit, we rely on modern technology early on in the measurement phase: So-called photogrammetry is a digital measurement method enabling us to take precise measurements of your staircase with a special camera. This enables all information such as the incline and the curve radius to be recorded and transferred fault-free to our design program in the shortest time possible.
  • The data transfer of the dimensions from the design through to manufacturing is fully automatic, thanks to the CIM process (Computer Integrated Manufacturing). In contrast to manual processes, our solution is distinguished by the highest levels of precision, maximum speed and consistent freedom from errors.
  • Our state-of-the-art CNC machines ensure our high-precision manufacturing and guarantee you the high quality and precision fit of your stair lift.
  • We do not manufacture any pre-fabricated curved sections of drive track. This means that not only do we have the advantage of being able to perfectly adapt the stainless steel tubing to suit your stairwell, but we can also avoid subsequent bending, grinding or welding when installing the tubing in your home.

Colours and materials of your choice

Naturally, you can select from a great number of colours and materials for the seat covering and for the track elements. There is a standard selection of many different colours and materials in fabric, linen-look or leather-look as standard and for no extra cost. If you have a special wish, we can also adapt seats and drive track elements to your own individual wishes. This allows your lift to be harmoniously integrated into the atmosphere of your home.

Guaranteed German workmanship

HIRO LIFT relies on German workmanship. We produce matured quality products at our facility in Germany using the most up-to-date technology and highest level of competence. Our products only leave the factory once it has been verified that they operate reliably and are free of faults in continuous operation. The result is unequivocal: Our systems impress with their long service life and trouble-free operation. They are low-maintenance and have removed the barriers to your mobility in many thousands of stairwells.

References & satisfied customers

Our systems have been in high demand for decades. Countless private customers recommend our work and our products to their friends and relatives. And, our quality products are also valued by professional agencies in Germany:

  • Our stair lifts and incline platform lifts are regularly recommended by various purchasers.
  • Many architects and house planners have been advocating HIRO LIFT systems for many years.
  • HIRO LIFT has enjoyed an excellent reputation with public-sector customers and large-scale customers for decades.
  • HIRO LIFT has been manufacturing systems for the public sector for decades. Tender specifications are most often focused on the long-term and require fault-free functionality and durability of the system for durations of ten or more years. We meet these demands and deliver the quality required.

Large spare parts store

Because we produce the systems ourselves here at HIRO LIFT, spare parts are readily available. With new developments we place great importance on ensuring that the new components are compatible with the older systems. Outside Germany, spare parts are available from our respective sales partner. If there is no HIRO LIFT partner in your country, please contact us directly.