HIRO 160 stair lift spanning several storeys

The HIRO 160, routed up the inside of the stairwell, is the most practical solution for linking several storeys. The track is not interrupted by doors or similar obstacles and runs the entire length of the stairwell. This example shows a lift system that links the basement, the ground floor and the first floor with one another. The tight curve guidance shortens the distance to be travelled and the lift takes up very little space on the stairs. There are intermediate stopping stations at each of the storeys allowing the user to get on or off the stair lift. At the top stopping station, the stair lift drives horizontally away from the stairwell allowing the user to get off the stair lift safely.

Data and facts for this example case:

  • Drive track routed on the inside of the stairwell
  • Shorter travel path
  • Tight curve manoeuvring
  • Space-saving


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