HIRO 160 stair lift with stringer fastening

In apartment buildings, the procurement and installation of a stair lift in the stairwell must be harmonised and decided by the whole residents' community. In this case, it was particularly important to the stair lift users that the residents of the apartment building would not be disturbed or affected by the stair lift and that the value of the stairs would not be impaired. So, the customer and the professional advisor decided to attach the drive track supports to the stairway stringer with a special fastening system. This saves valuable space on the stairs and also means that the steps need not be drilled. If the user should no longer require the lift at some point in the future, it can be dismounted without leaving any trace.

Data and facts for this example case:

  • Curve lift with patented traction drive
  • Fastening of the drive track support to the stairway stringer beam
  • Steps remain untouched
  • Possible to remove without leaving a trace


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