HIRO 160 stair lift in a communal stairwell

In this stair lift example, the HIRO 160 lift for curved stairways was installed in a communal stairwell. The requirements of the landlord and the other tenants had to be taken into account: It was not permitted to drill into the stairs and the lift was to take up as little space as possible. The solution: Instead of fastening the track supports directly onto the steps, the HIRO designers developed a fastening system whereby the fastening supports for the stair lift track would be installed in the void in the centre of the stairwell. This process guarantees the track guide was installed tight to the railing all the way along. The steps were untouched.

Data and facts for this example case:

  • Lift installation in a communal stairwell
  • Custom fastening: Supports in the stairwell void
  • Comfortable curve manoeuvring through traction drive 


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