• Patented traction drive
  • Clean, quiet and smooth running
  • Unmatched stability 

Product description - HIRO 160

Our HIRO 160 model is well suited for tackling curved, winding stairs. Modern technology combines with an attractive design to suit your living area: The highest level of passenger comfort.

Maximum stability and safety

We rely on our twin-tube system to provide the greatest possible curve stability for the stair lift. The unwelcome tipping effect is prevented by the twin-tube guidance made from stainless steel. Regardless of the gradient of the incline, the seat lift moves smoothly and safely to and fro between the start station and destination station. In addition, the durable stainless steel tubing does not need to be oiled or greased. This ensures that the system always remains dry and clean.

Unmatched smooth running

The speed is smoothly regulated throughout the complete journey thanks to our patented traction drive. Gentle starting and stopping on straight sections are just as important features as the careful reduction of speed before curves and the gentle acceleration after them. Also with tight curves and steep inclines, our stair lift takes you safely and comfortably to your destination. You can find further advantages of this innovative type of drive here.

Individual installation on the inside or outside of your stairwell

In many buildings, the inside of the stairwell is ideally suited to the installation of a stair lift. The driving track running close to the stair railings allows a shorter travel path and ensures there is adequate space for walking on the stairs. If the lift is not currently being used, it can be conveniently parked in the hallway outside the stairwell area. Even a door on an intermediate level does not present an obstacle with this solution.

Of course it is also possible to install the lift on the outside of the stairwell. In this case the drive track will often be fastened directly to the wall. Many customers choose this option to retain a clear view of their attractive banister.

Videos of the HIRO 160 stair lift

We have collected product-specific videos for the HIRO 160 stair lift model for curved stairs here.

HIRO 160 stair lift in Hamburg

Installation example for a HIRO 160 stair lift for curved stairs in Räder-Vogel-GmbH & Co. KG in Hamburg.

HIRO 160 stair lift in Barcelona

HIRO 160 stair lift in the Gorria restaurant in Barcelona 

HIRO 160 spanning two storeys

This installation example shows a stair lift that was installed on a wooden staircase, driving from the basement through the ground floor on up to the first floor.

Alternative fastening systems

What exactly will happen to my beautiful staircase? In this video we show you the various different options for fastening the travel track - leaving no trace on the steps if the stair lift is no longer required and removed one day.

Simple operation of the HIRO 160 

The operation of the HIRO 160 stair lift for curved stairs is so simple that it is generally learned in just a few trips. You can see how simple the operation is in this video.

Installation of a HIRO stair lift

This short film shows our installation technicians going about their daily work (some in time-lapse). You can see how precisely, quickly and cleanly a HIRO 160 stair lift for curved stairs can be installed to link several storeys in a private house. 

HIRO 160: Setting for the standard version


Stair lift for curved stairs, suitable for indoor and outdoor areas

Patented traction drive
Drive track:

Smooth running via two polished stainless steel tubes that are routed on the inside or outside of the stairwell.

Via controls in the armrest, radio remote control or controller on a spiral cable

0.1 m/s
Load-bearing capacity:

Up to 150 kg, solutions with higher load-bearing capacities also available on request

Power supply:


Automatic charging – 230 Volt via mains outlet, adaptable to usual local mains voltage, supply via rechargeable battery whilst driving
Safety certificate:

GS-approved safety from TÜV Süd
Features:Fully automatic, electrical swivel seat to ensure that the user can get on and off safely and comfortably at the top stopping station. Automatic folding drive track possible if stairs end directly in front of a door. Pivoting drive track or folding drive track possible: If the end of the drive track encroaches on a door, a section of the drive track can be folded up so that the door can be used as normal. Fully automatic folding footplate

Example solutions

The HIRO 160 stair lift is our "Classic" and our most popular model. The innovative technology of the patented traction drive allows integration into almost any stairwell situation. We have collected a few worthwhile installation examples here so that you can see how versatile the lift is.

Stair lift installation examples

Treppenlift HIRO 160 mit Nutzerin

HIRO 160 with clamp fastening

Links three floors together

Treppenlift HIRO 160 in einem Mehrfamilienhaus.

HIRO 160: com-
munal stairwell

Stair lift HIRO 160 in an apartment building

Cremeweißer Treppenlift in platzsparender Parkposition.

HIRO 160 in a narrow stairwell

Narrow stairwell in a terraced house

Treppenlift (Außenläufer) auf schmaler Holztreppe

HIRO 160: outside of the stairwell

Unobstructed view of the forged railings

Schwarzer Sitzlift mit sandfarbenen Stoffbezügen.

HIRO 160 with stringer fastening

Stair lift, space-saving drive track fastening

Treppenlift mit blauem Sitz und blauer Rückenlehne.

HIRO 160 stair lift in a family house

Space-saving lattice-style fastening

Auch auf engen Treppen ist die Installation eines Treppenliftes möglich.

HIRO 160 spanning several storeys

Basement - ground floor - 1st. floor

Treppenlift auf einer Steintreppe.

HIRO 160: inside of the stairwell

Park positions outside the stairwell area

Treppenlifte mit Traktionsantrieb benötigen keine Schmierstoffe auf der Fahrbahn. Daher können die Fahrbahnrohre wie hier im Bild auch als Handlauf dienen.

Stair lift HIRO 160: removed railings

Drive track as replacement for handrail

Treppenlift-Fahrbahn auf einem langen und steilen Weg mit Treppenabsätzen.

Stair lift HIRO 160 in outdoor use

Hillside installation with weather protection

Treppenlift HIRO 160 im Außeneinsatz.

HIRO 160 on hillside

Outdoor installation with 3 stopping stations

Treppenlift mit roten Sitzbezügen in einem Mietshaus.

HIRO 160 with stringer fastening

Space-saving installation in an apartment building

HIRO 160 safety features

We place great importance on your safety.

For us, progressive design also means that we are consistently thinking about your safety and your comfort. For this reason, in addition to the normal safety equipment, all HIRO stair lifts also have a few noteworthy details:

Your stair lift is ready for use at any time thanks to the maintenance-free high-performance rechargeable battery.

With all stair lifts, the power supply is implemented via a maintenance-free rechargeable gel battery so that you can reach your destination safely even in the event of a power failure. Even without power, the lift still remains operational for several hours. If it is in one of the stopping stations, the intelligent charging electronics autonomously detects when the rechargeable battery needs to be recharged.

Dank dieser Akkus funktionieren unsere Treppenlifte auch bei Stromausfall.

GS-approved safety

Our HIRO 150 and HIRO 160 stair lift models also bear the "GS-approved safety" seal. The GS mark certifies that the product has been checked by a German state-approved test centre and that it has fulfilled the requirements of the product safety law and complies with the European safety standards.


The diagnostics display allows quick and cost-effective assistance

The practical diagnostics display enables all operational conditions to be made visible. This makes quick and simple fault diagnosis by telephone with our sales partners' technical service departments possible at any time.

Because conditions that deviate from normal operating mode are automatically shown on the display, the customer can simply read them along with the important service telephone numbers, and can generally get the lift back to normal operation with a call to the technical service department. In many cases there is no need to dispatch service personnel and you can continue to use your stair lift immediately and with no further costs being accrued.

detail stair lift
Oft hilft ein kurzer Anruf beim Service-Team weiter


Automatic safety stop

Electrical contact strips on the cladding of the stair lift and on the footplate ensure that the system comes to an immediate standstill as soon as there is an obstacle. Accidents are thus reliably prevented.

Optimal für die Sicherheit: Der Treppenlift stoppt automatisch, sollte ein Hindernis im Weg stehen.


Safety belt

For your safety, all HIRO stair lifts are equipped with a safety belt - similar to the familiar car safety belts and just as strong and reliable.

detail operation

Alternative models