This is how easy it is to operate a HIRO inclined wheelchair lift

The HIRO inclined wheelchair lift is very easy to operate in every respect. With its sophisticated technology, it is a user-friendly high-tech product. Daily operation requires only a few steps and is intuitive and easily learned.

Simple operation of the HIRO 320 inclined lift

Using the HIRO 320

The HIRO 320 inclined wheelchair lift with curved drive track is very easy to operate in every respect. You can generally learn the complete operation within a few journeys. This video shows you how it works.

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This is how easy it is to operate a HIRO inclined wheelchair lift

There is no bewildering multitude of buttons, but rather just the commands "Up", "Down" and "Stop". All controls are designed so that they can also be easily used by persons with impaired coordination.

Start up the lift

The lift is folded up in its space-saving park position. In order to be able to drive onto the platform you need only to press a single button. The platform folds down automatically – the barrier and access ramp open. You can drive on.

"Up" and "Down" via the control unit on the spiral cable

Control unit on the spiral cable

In order to drive with the lift, you need only give the Up or Down command. This is done with the control unit on the removable and free-moving spiral cable. If you like, you could place this in your lap for example or have the drive commands issued by an accompanying person who is walking on the stairs beside the lift.

Press the large buttons to drive upwards or downwards: The lift immediately starts to accelerate gently. Keep the button pressed until you reach the stopping station and the access ramp and barrier open automatically. You arrive safe and sound at your destination and can leave the lift safely.

detail operation

The speed is seamlessly regulated throughout the travel. Gentle starting and stopping are just as important features as the careful reduction of speed before curves and the gentle acceleration after them. The lift only stops abruptly with the Stop command.

Secure & locked: The space-saving park position

To ensure that the stairs remain free, the platform should be folded up again, tight to the side in its park position after the drive is complete. This can also be done with a single button press.

Calling the lift via the radio remote control

Calling the lift or sending it away is just as simple as driving with the lift, thanks to the clearly designed radio remote control. You need only to press the "Up" or "Down" button: The lift immediately drives in the desired direction. The remote control, which is provided as standard, can be either firmly attached or delivered as a hand-held unit.

Extensive standard equipment - Safety and comfort with no compromises


Intelligent power supply

With all lifts, the power supply is implemented via a rechargeable battery so that you can reach your destination safely even in the event of a power failure. If the lift is in one of the stopping stations, the intelligent charging electronics automatically detects when the maintenance-free dry rechargeable battery needs to be recharged. This ensures that the lift is always ready for use. A normal mains socket is all that is required to connect the charger. There is no need for a separately fused power supply line from a fuse box.

Diagnostics display

All HIRO inclined lifts are equipped with a diagnostics display. This enables all operational conditions to be made visible. This makes quick and simple fault diagnosis by telephone with our technical service departments possible at any time. Because conditions that deviate from normal operating mode are automatically shown on the display, the customer can simply read them, along with the important service telephone numbers, and can generally get the lift back to normal operation with a call to the technical service department. In many cases there is no need to dispatch service personnel and you can continue to use your lift immediately and with no further costs being accrued.


In order to prevent unauthorised use, all systems are put into operation with a key.

Protection from vandalism

In folded position, barriers and controls lie behind the platform base. This makes the lift something of a closed package that offers very little in the way of potential targets and thus provides the greatest possible protection from vandalism.

Electrical assistance

Electrical switching strips or switching surfaces on the frame, on the access ramps and on the platform base ensure that the system comes to an immediate standstill if it meets an obstacle in order to avoid accidents.

Weather-proof design

With outdoor systems, the components are corrosion protected by sand-blasting and subsequent zinc spraying or hot-dip galvanising as well as by using stainless steel (drive track tubes), depending on the components in question. The electrical components are furnished with corresponding moisture protection.

Emergency call as voice communication

It is possible to install an intercom system. In the event that you need help during the ride, you can contact an arbitrary internal or external telephone number. In contrast to an emergency signal or a preset emergency call to a pre-defined centre, you have free choice over the person you wish to contact (GSM mobile telephone system).

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