• The inclined wheelchair lift specially for straight stairs
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use 
  • Load bearing capacity up to 300 kg

Product description - HIRO 350

The HIRO 350 inclined wheelchair lift impresses with its excellent price/performance ratio. Because there are no curves to overcome as it is developed exclusively for straight stairways, we are able to confidently use the less costly rack gear drive with this model. The gear rack on which the lift travels, lies hidden underneath an anodised aluminium profile. Depending on the structural situation, the drive track can either be installed on supports or fastened to the wall.

The HIRO 350 can be used for all straight stairs, both indoors and out. For example, it is often used to bridge steps in the entrance area.

Videos of the HIRO 350

You can find product-specific videos for the HIRO 350 stair lift for straight stairs here. The operation of the stair lift is similar to the operation of the HIRO 320.

Using the HIRO 320

The HIRO 320 inclined wheelchair lift with curved drive track is very easy to operate in every respect. You can generally learn the complete operation within a few journeys. This video shows you how it works.

HIRO 350 and HIRO 450 lifting platform on Wewelsburg Castle

The HIRO 450 wheelchair platform lift and the HIRO 350 inclined wheelchair lift guarantee visitors to the Wewelsburg regional museum in the Paderborn region of Germany barrier-free access to all of the exhibition areas.

HIRO 350 in the Gartenbaumuseum in Vienna

HIRO 350 inclined wheelchair lift in the Gartenbaumuseum in the Austrian capital.

HIRO 350: Setting for the standard version


Rack gear drive 

 Drive track: 

Anodised aluminium profiles


Via radio remote control or control unit on a convenient spiral cable  


ca. 0.1 m/s

Load-bearing capacity:

Up to 300 kg

Power supply: 

Standard: 230 Volt supply via mains outlet sufficient, adaptable to usual local mains voltage, supply via rechargeable battery whilst driving, automatic charging in the stopping stations

Platform size:

Depth/width: 80 x 100 cm, 80 x 125 cm (other sizes on request), width in folded state: With wall mounting, from 37 cm

Colours and design:

Choice of all RAL colours for supports and platform




Alternative models