• Flexible inclined lift for straight and curved stairs
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Load bearing capacity up to 300 kg

Product description HIRO 320

The HIRO 320 inclined wheelchair lift is perfectly suited to almost any stair situation. Due to its compact dimensions in parked condition and the versatility of the drive track, it is particularly well suited for use in private houses.

We offer you a solution individually tailored to your situation – we do not use pre-fabricated curved sections of drive track. This last point would prevent an optimal adaptation to the ideal line for the drive track. The drive track for the HIRO 320 on the other hand is manufactured to be a precision fit for your situation thus offering optimised, tight curve radii, regardless of the type of stairs. Thus, the space on your stairs for others to use remains as wide as possible.

You can also see the advantage of our tailor-made solution later during the installation phase: Retrospective bending, grinding or even welding, which can impair the smooth operation of the lift and soil your stairwell, are avoided.

Videos of the HIRO 320 inclined wheelchair lift

You can find product-specific videos for the HIRO 320 inclined wheelchair lift for straight and curved stairs here.

Using the HIRO 320

The HIRO 320 inclined wheelchair lift with curved drive track is very easy to operate in every respect. You can generally learn the complete operation within a few journeys. This video shows you how it works.

HIRO 320 on a spiral staircase

HIRO 320 inclined wheelchair lift in the Universidad Complutense, Madrid (ESP).

Two HIRO 320s in Gloucester Cathedral in England

Two HIRO 320 type inclined wheelchair lifts are installed in Gloucester Cathedral – where some of the famous Harry Potter films were shot.

A HIRO 320 runs through the HOREX Museum in Bad Homburg

HIRO 320 inclined wheelchair lift in the HOREX Museum, which presents the industrial history of the Hessian city.

HIRO 320 in the Deutsches Museum, Munich

The HIRO 320 enables the visitors to the Deutsches Museum in Munich to have barrier-free access to the DNA visitors' laboratory in the "New Technologies" exhibition area.

HIRO 320 in the Apollo Theatre in London

HIRO 320 inclined wheelchair lift in the Apollo Theatre close to Piccadilly Circus in the British capital.

The advantages at a glance

  • The drive track comprises two polished, non-slotted, non-toothed and non-perforated stainless steel tubes. This avoids injuries, for example on the gear rack.
  • Throughout the entire drive track there is no oil or grease and no use of lubricants with which you might soil your clothes, yourself or your wheelchair. The round, polished stainless steel tubes also remain clean throughout regular operation. 
  • Very smooth running: Seamless acceleration and braking in stopping stations and curves results in a gentle, gliding journey. There are fewer vibrations than with conventional drives. This smooth running is a great advantage for users with spinal damage or similar conditions.
  • Very high level of curve stability, regardless of the incline that the lift is currently mastering, thanks to the dual tube guidance made from stainless steel tubing.
  • Your wheelchair lift is very quiet: There are no loud and oily chains or sprockets as with conventional drives. 
  • The drive system has been tested for many years and thousands of purchased systems have verified its reliable service.
  • Practical: The stainless steel drive track can be used in the same way as a handrail or balustrade. 
  • The stairwell is always clean: Metal filings caused by abrasion are impossible.

Drive comfort due to the patented traction drive

The patented drive concept of the traction drive enables gear racks, chains and sheathed cables to be omitted completely from the design of all curved systems. In fact, a gear rack bent into a curve is not a mathematically tidy solution and makes it impossible to rule out play and jerking in the rolling of the gear wheel.

mode of driving

The HIRO 320 on the other hand, is suitable for curves with its dual stainless steel guide tubes and polyurethane coated rollers, guaranteeing unsurpassed curve stability and ideal drive comfort. In addition it is also particularly quiet and clean. An attractive design and the finishing colour choices allow problem-free integration into various different living spaces. Only the HIRO 350 inclined wheelchair lift employs the conventional rack gear drive as the disadvantages associated with rack gear drives on curves are not an issue here as it is used exclusively for straight stairways.

HIRO 320: Setting for the standard version


Patented traction drive (ensures gentle, gliding drive)
Drive track:

Runs on two polished stainless steel tubes, which are generally routed on the inside of the stairwell


Via radio remote control or control unit on a convenient spiral cable

ca. 0.1 m/s, automatic speed reduction in curved sections
Load-bearing capacity:

Up to 300 kg
Power supply:

Standard: 230 Volt supply via mains outlet sufficient, adaptable to usual local mains voltage, supply via rechargeable battery whilst driving, automatic charging in the stopping stations

Platform size:

Depth/width: Minimum: 68/75 cm, Maximum: 80/125 cm (other sizes on request), width in folded state: With wall mounting, from 40 cm

Colours and design:

Choice of all RAL colours for supports and platform

Alternative models