house model with lifts for the disabled

Our product range in the wheelchair lift segment encompasses both incline lifts for almost all types of stairs and vertical lifts for overcoming a variety of heights. It does not matter whether the installation is to be carried out inside buildings or out. Together with our local sales partners, we will find the best solution for your property. Of course, our systems are also suitable for providing barrier-free access for existing buildings.

inclined wheelchair lifts

Inclined wheelchair lifts

  • Suitable for curved and straight stairs
  • For the private and public sectors
  • Smooth running characteristics

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wheelchair platform lifts

Wheelchair platform lifts

  • Versatile use, regardless of whether in a private house or a public building
  • The perfect solution for height differences of up to 3 metres
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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vertical platform lifts

Vertical platform lifts

  • For many applications 
  • Ideal for retrofit installations
  • Suitable for internal and external installations

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HIRO LIFT headquarter

Arguments for HIRO LIFT

  • Simple operation
  • High quality "made in Germany" and safety standards  
  • Comprehensive lift expertise

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