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HIRO LIFT offers you their comprehensive lift expertise in: Development, design, manufacturing, installation and servicing - from a single source. In the case of international orders, the installation and service tasks are carried out by HIRO LIFT sales partners whose employees are continuously trained in dealing with our products. As a globally active company and a manufacturer of special lifts with many years of experience, we can always guarantee the quality standard of our systems – which are manufactured in our main facility in Bielefeld.

Tradition and progress since 1897

HIRO LIFT is the leading manufacturer of special lifts in Germany. Since the founding of the company in 1897 we have been successfully involved in many areas of conveyance technology. The product range of our long-established company stretches from stair lifts, inclined wheelchair lifts and platform lifts through to passenger lifts for special architectural requirements.

Germany's largest manufacturer of stair lifts

After 1977 the company gradually began to specialise in lifts for senior citizens and lifts for the disabled. Today we are one of the leading companies for these sectors and the largest German manufacturer of stair lifts. This success is attributable not least to the development of our patented traction drive with its excellent drive characteristics.

Quality, innovative strength and proximity to customers

"Individual and high quality solutions for lift systems are the strengths of our company. Whether in the planning, the technical quality assurance or in servicing – it is always the wishes and requirements of our customers that determine our actions", says Dr. [Eng.] Wilfried Hein, who was the Managing Director of HIRO LIFT until his death in April 2015, explaining our company philosophy.

Then as now - HIRO LIFT is synonymous with "Made in Germany" quality. Various different lift systems such as stair lifts and lifts for the disabled are tailor-made in Bielefeld in accordance with your individual requirements. Around 300 personnel are employed here developing, designing and manufacturing using the most modern technical processes.

Over 100 years of experience

From the early years to the milestones of technical progress The company was founded on the 1st October 1897 in Bielefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia) and has the company headquarters in the same spot to this day. For around 120 years we have been successfully involved in a great variety of different areas of conveyance technology. The quality of our products enabled the company to look beyond the borders of Germany early on. HIRO lifts can be found throughout the world in many public buildings and commercial operations. In all likelihood, you have already been in a HIRO lift - for example in a large department store.

We have gathered together a few milestones from the history of our traditional company in the following brief extract:

The 20s:

Construction of cable-driven passenger lifts and goods lifts. Initially, these were primarily operated by lift attendants. In fact automatic stopping of the lift had already been implemented at that time with a purely mechanical cable control.

The 30s:

The focal point of the manufacturing was cable-driven gasometer lifts. This involved technically complex maintenance platforms that could be lowered on cables into the centre of the spherical gasometer, depending on the status of the gas.

The 40s:

At this time HIRO LIFT primarily manufactured cable-driven goods lifts, passenger lifts and hospital lifts for use in Germany.

The 50s:

Hydraulically driven lifts entered production at the start of the fifties. For around 30 years, countless large goods lifts were installed in warehouses and residential buildings.

The 60s:

The brand name of HIRO LIFT became well known beyond the borders of Europe - primarily for façade lifts for cleaning façades and windows. The manufacturing of these lifts for the tallest buildings in the world at that time, the World Trade Center in New York and the John Hancock Center in Chicago, with working platforms that could rotate 360 degrees, consolidated our global reputation for "Made in Germany" quality.

The 70s:

Construction site lifts were manufactured for maintenance and service work for both domestic and international markets. They were used inside cranes, transmission masts and the highest electrical pylons in the world.


The start of 1977 signalled the beginnings of the specialisation in lifts for senior citizens and lifts for the disabled. At that time there was no market in Germany for these products. HIRO LIFT is a pioneer in this sector and was the first company to develop this market: Our experience from 120 years of classical lift construction was applied to the field of stair lifts and lifts for the disabled. The reciprocal influences from the construction of various different types of lifts provided us with the impetus for improvements and optimisation. The second focal point of our activities is the development of passenger lifts for particular architectural requirements, especially where space is restricted. A few of our new developments were milestones of technical progress.


Development of the worm-section drive system for inclined wheelchair lifts and stair lifts 1982: Construction of the first fully automatic wheelchair platform.


Development of the traction drive, now used exclusively with our inclined lifts for curved stairways.


Development of the HIRO Prestige, a classical passenger lift specially for use in private houses.


Development of further product lines for passenger lifts for private houses.

High quality standards

"Whether design lifts or stair lifts, we manufacture a great variety of different lift systems in-house in Bielefeld. At HIRO LIFT, Made in Germany and the associated quality and reliability are an important part of the company philosophy and corporate culture", states Managing Director Dr. [Eng.] Wilfried Hein, who died in April 2015.

The high quality standard relates to the type of manufacturing and to the products themselves, which are distinguished by convenience, long service life and smooth running characteristics. Thus, for example, most stair lifts run on two tube tracks as standard in order to guarantee the highest degree of running smoothness and safety.

As a manufacturer of a great variety of different lifts, we can always guarantee the high quality standard of our systems and lifts. Of course, our systems have been approved and certified by neutral bodies such as the world-renowned TÜV for example. Our lifts are recommended throughout the world, not only by private people but also by architects, public bodies and associations.

Innovations as the driving force behind the company development

Technology serves humanity best when it is continually optimised and adapted to suit requirements.

Engineering knowledge paired with practical orientation and the use of the most up-to-date technologies at HIRO LIFT regularly lead to improvements of existing lift systems and to the development of completely new products. The development of innovative drive concepts in particular has been the focus of our engineers' endeavours.

One of the most important in-house developments is the patented traction drive, which we use in our vertical lifts, platform lifts and incline lifts as well as in our stair lifts.

Conventional stair lifts or inclined wheelchair lifts were normally driven by rack gears and chains. "From an engineering perspective, this is an unsatisfactory solution for a guide track that runs in 3 dimensions", says Dr. [Eng.] Wilfried Hein explaining the reason for the search for improvements. The traction drive paired with the double guide tube guarantee an unsurpassed level of curve stability and driving comfort for almost all stairs.

We also use the traction drive in passenger lifts. Mounted on the cab, such a drive system also means that there is no need for a machine room. This in turn allows new architectural solutions to be realised. Lifts can be economically installed in buildings where this was not possible before. HIRO LIFT also offers a further innovation with the installation of the traction drive in the counterweight of the lift system. "This type of design allows us to save weight and materials primarily. The lift is significantly lighter and therefore requires less energy", says Dr. [Eng.] Wilfried Hein clarifying the patented system.

Customer orientation in every phase

Customer orientation starts with consultation and planning, then on through the design and manufacturing and finally installation and maintenance of the lift system. In Germany we take care of every order ourselves and internationally our sales partners provide the consultation, installation and maintenance of our products. Their employees are regularly trained by us so that you can be sure of the renowned HIRO LIFT quality throughout the world.

Large spare parts store

Because we produce the systems ourselves here at HIRO LIFT, spare parts are readily available. With new developments we place great importance on ensuring that the new components are compatible with the older systems. Outside Germany, spare parts are available from our respective sales partner. If there is no HIRO LIFT partner in your country, please contact us directly. Our contact details